Why measure impact?

Measuring impact provides tangible demonstrations to the public on the ways you contribute to sustainable development on society and the environment while also opening up new opportunities for business models, partnerships, markets and customers.

Our scope is building the knowledge and understanding around impact, that will enable organisations to become changemakers in the society. We illuminate the opportunities for sustainability and profit through increasing knowledge and understanding within impact creation.


At INNOMAP we strive towards helping you understand and communicate your impact in valuable ways. Therefore, we provide you with three main package solutions: Align, Focus and Dimensions. Each of the packages represent a different value proposition, impact areas and objectives to which it becomes even easier for us to meet your specific demand and need for impact measurement and sustainable development.


Interactive and insightful introduction into your impact opportunities and alignments

Interactive workshop



Communicative solution for businesses seeking to understand their impact within one specific area of choice

Interactive workshop

Communicative Infograph

INNOMAP Impact Report

People, Planet or Society


Full dimensional insight into your business’ impact assessment and areas of improvement

Interactive workshop

Communicative Infograph

INNOMAP Impact Report

People, Planet and Society

Improvement consultancy in the three areas

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